The best side dish for kebabs is vegetables. But to cook them correctly, you need to know several essential nuances. Otherwise, instead of a tasty side dish, you can get embers of raw slices. We’ve prepared tips for you to help you make your grilled vegetables perfect.

1. Preliminary preparation

With soft vegetables, things are simple. But if you want to cook hard ones, like carrots, potatoes or asparagus, for example, it is better to boil them in salted water for 5-7 minutes beforehand. Then boldly marinate and fry. They will bake perfectly.

2. Slicing

To ensure the vegetable roast evenly, think about the slicing shape in advance. Long slices of zucchini or eggplant can be cut in half, bell peppers, not in thin strips, but quarters. When grilling mushrooms with dense vegetables, leave them whole, and cut into halves with soft ones.

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Small vegetables, broccoli inflorescences, or Brussels sprouts can be safely baked on foil to not fall through the wire rack.

3. Add oil!

Do not forget about vegetable oil, even if you are not using complex vegetable marinades. It must be added not only to vegetables but also to grease the grill grate with it. The oil will create an extra film to protect the vegetables and the frosting into a delicious crust.

4. Temperature

Most often, vegetables are burned due to too high a temperature. If you cook meat or chicken, put them on the fire first. Vegetables need a medium temperature. Test the charcoal with your hand – if you can hold it overheat for a few seconds, you can send vegetables to the grill.

Another option is to move some of the coals to the side, leaving a little heat for cooking the vegetables.

5. Constant control

You should not leave fried vegetables even for a couple of minutes because they can sometimes become decisive. Monitor the readiness continuously. This is the only way the vegetables will not dry out and burn.

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6. Perfect tandem

When baking several types of vegetables on skewers simultaneously, consider their neighborhood. Combine soft vegetables, such as tomatoes and mushrooms, separately from hard ones – onions and bell peppers, for example. By choosing the right combinations, you can quickly achieve simultaneous cooking of vegetables.

Here are some simple and valuable tips. Be sure to take on board if grilled vegetables have disappointed you so far. Delicious picnics!


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