Check out these five excellent recipes if you decide to try the keto diet. Healthy, low-carbohydrate, and delicious meals will easily fit into your daily menu. Bon Appetit!


Crispy waffles with coconut flour are ideal for tea or coffee.

You will need:

  • Egg – 1 pc.;
  • Olive oil – 100 grams;
  • Salt and soda – 1 pinch;
  • Sweetener to taste;
  • Coconut flour – 200 grams.

Beat the egg with salt pour in the olive oil. Add baking soda, sweetener, and whisk. Add coconut flour in small portions and stir to form a smooth, lump-free dough. Put the dough in a waffle iron and fry the waffles until golden brown.


A thick, tasty sauce that is perfect for both appetizers and salads.


  • Apple cider vinegar – 1 tbsp l .;
  • Olive oil – 200 grams;
  • Egg – 3 pcs. (only yolks);
  • Lemon juice and salt to taste.
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Separate the yolks from the whites and place them in a deep bowl or glass. Begin whisking to lighten the yolks—season with salt, lemon juice, and vinegar. Pour in the olive oil in a thin stream, whisking constantly. Once the mayonnaise has thickened enough, it’s ready. If desired, you can add your favorite spices for aroma and taste.


For breakfast, you can prepare mouth-watering cheesecakes.

You will need:

  • Cottage cheese – 300 grams;
  • Egg – 1 pc.;
  • Almond flour – 4 tbsp l .;
  • Flaxseed flour – 1 tbsp. l .;
  • Vegetable oil – for frying.

Mash the cottage cheese in a deep bowl, add the egg. Add almond and flaxseed flour mix well. Form cheesecakes from the resulting mass with wet hands and put them in a frying pan with heated oil. Fry on both sides until golden brown.

Olivier salad

A salad loved by many in a new version. Be sure to try!


  • Tongue (beef or pork) – 400 grams;
  • Avocado – 1 pc.;
  • Egg – 3 pcs.;
  • Canned peas – 200 grams;
  • Pickled cucumbers – 2 pcs.;
  • Salt, pepper – to taste;
  • Keto mayonnaise to taste.
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Boil the tongue in salted water until tender, cool, and peeled. Hard boil the eggs peel the avocado. Cut the tongue, avocado, eggs, and cucumbers into small cubes. Add canned peas. Season with keto mayonnaise and season with salt and pepper to taste. Chill salad before serving.


Delicious casserole is perfect for breakfast or a snack and dessert for tea.

We need:

  • Cottage cheese – 750 grams;
  • Egg – 3 pcs.;
  • Sour cream – 70 grams;
  • Coconut flakes – 80 grams;
  • Sesame seeds – 20 grams;
  • Salt and vanillin – 1 pinch;
  • Sweetener to taste;
  • Butter – 20 grams;
  • Dried apricots – 100 grams (optional).

In a deep bowl, mash the cottage cheese and eggs. Add sweetener, a pinch of salt, and vanillin to taste. Pour sesame seeds and coconut into a bowl add sour cream. Scald dried apricots with boiling water, dry, and cut. Mix everything well until smooth. Grease a heat-resistant form with butter and lay out the curd mass. Bake at 180 degrees for about 45-55 minutes until golden brown.

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